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Our single day and multi-day flyfishing trips take you deep into the picturesque Sangre De Cristo mountain range to explore remote, high-mountain lakes and streams, where you will have the opportunity to catch wild trout and experience a variety of wildlife. We customize our flyfishing trips to fit each angler's needs by taking into account distance, destination, and backpacking/hiking desirability. While hiking is a great way to explore the Sangre De Cristo, we understand that hiking isn't for everyone, so we also offer off-roading Jeep trips so you still get the experience of traveling through the mountain range and fishing remote lakes and creeks without the need for hiking.  All of our trips are lead by our experienced fishing guides who are passionate about flyfishing and will help you navigate the alpine lakes and streams! While there are many places to fish, some of our favorite locations are the Lake of the Clouds, Hermit Lake, Taylor Creek, and Swift Creek. If you are ready to start your flyfishing adventure with us or want to learn more, give us a call and we are more than happy to provide you with further information about how we can create your flyfishing adventure to the Sangre De Cristo!


Backcountry Flyfishing Trip (Day Trip)

Our guided day trips are for those anglers who might be tight on time or just want to take a day off an


Backcountry Flyfishing Trip (Multi-day)

Our Multi-day guided trips are for those anglers who want to get back into the remote mountains to explore the wilderness for a few days. 


Backcountry Off-road Flyfishing Trip

Our Backcountry guided trips are for those anglers who want to get back into the remote mountains but want a more relaxed experience without hiking several miles.  

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